Thursday, May 21, 2020

App SKOUT on Android

What is it about?

HEy everyone, this post is about the app "SKOUT" on Android. It is a really short post just the basics I found while doing a quick analysis related to a case. And because my last post is a long while ago I decided to quickly share my results.

Part of the results in here were extracted from the published Android 10 image by @josh_hickman1. Kudos to him for his great work! (Source:

SKOUT is a Social Network and the app offers features like chatting, meeting via video chat and broadcasting. More info can be found or

Used App Version: 6.17.0
Used Android Version: 10

Where can the information be found?

Android path:


Used Account:

Here you can find the userid and the username:

And here you can find the used mail address and the used password in clear text. (Yeah, really - clear text):


The contacts can be found in the following database:

Table: skoutUserTable

The timestamp stored for the last message of a user is in epoch milliseconds UTC.


The messages can be found in the following database:

Table: SkoutMessagesTable

The timestamps stored for the messages are in epoch milliseconds UTC.

Media Files:

I was not able to find the media files sent/received on the device. Some images are in the cache folder

But I was not able to map any of them to a message.

Additional Files/Info:

You can find the last logged location in the following file:


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